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What If We Were the Church… For Real?


What if we were the Church for real?

What if we stopped HAVING church and started BEING church in a world that needs it?

What all could we do?

How much different would our lives be if we lived everyday as if we were FOLLOWERS of Christ instead of MEMBERS of a church?

How much could we change the world one life at a time within our lifetime?

I stumbled upon this video after getting an email from Jesse Phillips from Catalyst. I watched it and my adrenaline started pumping.

This pumps me up!!!

May this video stir up the passion in you as you see what we can do if we stop HAVING church and start getting real…

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  • March 18, 2009Reply


    Cool, thanks Antwon! Antwon, you are a serious Catalyst!

    Jesus, thank you for my brother Antwon, who is faithful to use the gifts you've given him! Bless him with greater vision and strength to be obedient to you, wisdom, skill, supernatural peace and joy, please, Lord!

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