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Innovative Ministry 3.0

When you hear this quote what do you think of?…

“The Gospel never changes, but the way we deliver the Gospel does.”

…Are you instantly in agreement? Are you questioning such a statement? Are you in sheer disapproval? Depending on your thoughts and feelings toward this quote, you can sort of gage whether you are a person who would accept innovation, question innovation, or disprove innovation.

Think about this…

With a generation advancing more and more, it is obvious that the church will surely be left behind in its 20th Century approaches of captivating the lost for Christ. With books like unChristian revealing the state of the church in a society that is quite familiar with our Christianese, it would be devastating to overlook where this world is headed.

Instead of striving to stay relevant to the times, why not be innovators, setting the standard for a culture in dire need of a Savior?

Why can’t we be at the forefront of where this culture is headed… leading them down the narrow path of salvation?

If we have been called to lead the lost to Christ, standing still – complacent in our churches and stale traditions – while the world is in motion will leave us trying to play catch-up.


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