Awakening Possibility


A Letter From God

Dear Child,

Why do you run and hide away? I know there’s beauty in your face, what is this creature that I made, so afraid of Love? What must I say, how can I prove, convince this world, especially you, just how happy you would be, if I were with you and you with ME.

You are beautiful to me, beyond the brilliant galaxy, the angels gaze down on the children of my love, yeah… You are precious in my sight, I want to give you a better life, what will it take for you to believe that you are beautiful to ME.

Before time, I knew your name, before the heavens were in place; I could look upon your face, and see myself in you. But this world with blinded eyes, blurs your beauty with their lies. All that’s pure, and good, and right, they don’t want you to see, there’s no one like YOU.

My love is patient and is kind; it does not envy or boastful pride; it will never say good-by and leave you lonely. My love rejoices in My truth, my love delights itself in you, only my truth will prevail, because my love never fails. There’s no one like YOU!



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