Awakening Possibility


Innovative Ministry 1.0

There is a new form of ministry that is underway in the US. This new form is filled with fresh minded, creative, bold Christians who have stepped outside of the walls of tradition and have taken the risk to be a light in the world in a new way. No, these people aren’t heretics or false converts, they are Bible-based believers who have gotten fed up with church-as-usual.

These trailblazers of this new phenomena are using everything from the internet to grocery stores to capture a lost and dying world for the cause of Jesus Christ. Upon doing an entire summer of research, I have stumbled upon countless ministries, churches, and organizations that have begun to break the mold of what we have always known to be church. They are stepping out and using radical, innovative ways to spread the gospel. For some, it may be too extreme… for others, it may be an answered prayer.

I will be posting a series of posts on this topic of “Innovative Ministry”, so check back soon.


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