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ONE Prayer

I’ve been following the ONE Prayer series from church to church and it is a remarkable moment in time for the church today. Being a constant admirer of Craig Groeschel and his passion to “lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ”, it didn’t surprise me to see him step to the forefront, compel the body of Christ to unite, and lead one of the greatest movements in the Christian faith of America. It seems like a daunting task, but is that the kind of stuff God is into anyway? God is indeed the greatest visionary, and something to this magnitude wouldn’t stand long if He wasn’t involved. After visiting the website today, the number of churches teaming up in the effort has now grown to 1,458 (that accounts for 815,714 Christians). Seriously, that is nothing to brush off!!!


I’ve been doing my monthly visits of a lot of the churches that I stay up to date on, and it is such a blessing to see most of them advertising the “ONE Prayer” logo on the home page of their website. This is a great time to be apart of the Church. Watching Craig deliver his “One Prayer” message at – which is, “Lord, make us ONE!” – fired me up! You should check it out. Also, other pastors like Steve Furtick, Perry Noble, Ed Young, and others have delivered their “One Prayer” messages as well, and I must say, these people are serious about this thing and I love it! With the Church being known for being divided, I think we are witnessing a massive imprint being made in history that will put a dent in the divided Church forever.

I’m sure Peter, James, John, Paul and others are in Heaven saying, “Finally, someone got fed up enough to do something different!”

So I would admonish you to stop by and get acquainted with what’s going on if you are not already. See that exhaustive list of churches uniting, and just image all of those pastors, people, denominations, and differences uniting as The Church – let it ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!

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