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Greater Than God?

Shaun King is in the middle of a remarkable series right now @ Courageous Church called “GREATER THAN GOD”. Indeed, one of the first of its kind that I have seen. He’s addressing 5 ways God wants us to change the world.

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During the Grand Opening service – which was last week – Shaun tackled the topic of Hunger from both a Biblical and social perspective. I was literally close to tears as he charged the audience to do GREATER than Jesus by partnering to support a brand new cause that Courageous Church is launching known as the Plumpy Nut Initiative.

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This past Sunday, Shaun discussed the topic of Thirst. He referenced in Scripture the wedding where Jesus turned water into wine. What I found so interesting about Jesus was that He was more concerned with meeting needs than performing miracles. All of the miraculous and remarkable acts that He performed were in response to a need. The takeaway from this message was…

“We don’t need to turn water into wine. There’s no need for that. What there is a need for is to turn dirty water into clean water.”

At the end of the message Shaun charged the audience to do GREATER than Jesus by drinking water for the next 2 weeks with their usual meals. And all of the money that is saved from not drinking Starbucks and sodas will be donated to a charitable cause that supports global clean water initiatives.


Many people can argue what they want…

But I must say, I don’t know too many pastors who are bold enough to launch a church discussing real issues that challenge attendees to get involved – upfront – and BE the type of church Christ dreamed of… a church of catalysts (change agents).

Most pastors wait until they have enough members or until they are “liked”. But Shaun’s a different kind of leader. He’s a Catalyst. And I admire that about him.

I mean, Courageous Church’s vision says it all…

“Love God, Love People, Prove It.”

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