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God, Be the Solution!

I’m retarded!

I know!

But I refuse to spend this life being your typical American Christian, content with a bunch of Bible studies, church services, and devotionals. I mean – COME ON!!! We have the message to the world and the best we can do is on a Sunday from 10am-12pm? I mean we’re Americans! We’re content. We like it. We like being Christians. It’s easy as HELL. Doesn’t require much from us, plus we get to keep our American Dream alive. And as long as we have our freakin’ iPhones and cool environments and degrees, we’re good. Right?

I mean…

…forget it…

…why keep blogging about it. It’s just another blog post, right?

“May God paint this nation with His love because people like you and I made the decision to make Him the SOLUTION!”

You can watch this video if you want, I don’t care. Hopefully it will piss you off like it did me!

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  • April 1, 2009

    Taleda Crafter

    Hey! I know that I haven't commented on your blog in a while, but this is a true, hard-hitting, and challenging post! Along with the video, I realize that the things I complain about are minor compared to what others go through. I also realize that Christ called us to love those who are like the people on the right side of the screen in the video, but too often, we as Christians love with our mouths but not with our hearts. I pray that God moves me and you to love as Christ did!

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