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Free to Worship: Part 2

Wow, I’m quite excited to see the comments that I got from “Free to Worship”. At least I know people are paying attention. So, I decided to follow-up.


I think I’ll first start off by saying that at the end of the day, I am no one to write-off anybody or anything. That was never my goal. If anything, I think I am growing to be more understandable of topics like these. The purpose of this post was to present my stance on this topic; not the stance on this topic. I am glad to see that we can use tools like a blog to get a good discussion going and I feel that once it’s all said and done… God is the hotness regardless of our opinions anyway.

Worship was never intended to be about an environment or how we feel… I do understand that. I think I could have done a better job of explaining myself though. I see how words have meaning when used in a certain context. But as I was saying, what I’m getting to isn’t really worship in the first place. It’s more of a MINDSET.

First off, I am in no way saying that my perspective on how to do church is right and I am definitely not saying it’s wrong either. It’s my take on the topic, it’s what I am entitled to – and since this is my territory – I am entitled to state it. And as far as who I am as a person, I don’t intend to off offend anyone at any level, but if it comes off as offensive, then maybe it was needed to challenge the way you think.

Now, with the mindset. What I mean is that NOT everyone relates to God the same. And that’s cool. I’m learning through meeting different types of people, researching different cultures and church environments, and reading books challenging the perception of the Church to the world (check out unChristian) that… Jesus Christ means different things to different people.

What do I mean by that?

Think about it… people relate to Him differently… people who are lonely may relate to Him as a friend, cancer survivors may relate to Him as a healer, those that have lost loved ones may relate to Him through suffering, the homeless may relate to Him as a provider, intellectuals may relate to Him through questioning, musicians may relate to Him through music, artists may relate to Him through art, and YOU may relate to Him through_______ (whatever you may relate to Him as)… and it is all unique and it is all respected and it is all relevant and it shouldn’t be ostracized.

…to be continued.

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  • June 27, 2008Reply


    Antwon - You are doing a HUGE work here... I am so blown away by your insight and "light" way of approaching such a deep and relevant topic!!

    As you mentioned - Mindset. You are so on it there... But what I am also finding in my walk is that along with the MINDSET there is (here comes a new word...) HEARTSET that has to be in place as well. For a long time we have heard this... You treasure is where your heart is... and a LOT of times we equate this to money and material stuff - which is totally "defunked" - well in my opinion it is... Trasure, meaning - your "values" - The things that you esteem highly.

    That was a backdrop to this thought... If God is at the center of your HEART - what is birthed is a deeper level of praise and worship. So how your Heart is SET on Him... has a big deal to do with your life of praise and worship. You heart, if in the right place will have a HUGE influence on your mind.

    Change your "HEARTSET" and change your "MINDSET"

    Love ya lil Bro! Keep Blazin!

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