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I don’t know about you, but I am heck-a-excited about 2010. And here’s the funny part… it’s not because I have this amazingly detailed and elaborate New Year’s Resolution or goal list. Matter of fact, I need to get to work on my goal list for 2010. But what I’m most excited about is that my life is about to embark on another 365 days filled with the following…










…and whatever else you wanna place here.

Here are 3 reasons why I’m excited about 2010:

1. I’m gonna be graduating from college.

Finishing a bachelor’s degree in marketing will be a huge accomplishment for me. However, my desire to continue down the academic trail is almost completely trumped by this growing desire to build the career of my dreams (please check out this guy – he’s the best example of what I’m talking about). Not to sure exactly how this will all play out, but I have a few ideas and plans up my sleeve. College gave me the opportunity to explore, discover, question, doubt, question again, and find more of where I wanna go and who I wanna be. Other than that, most of those classes were a waste of time. I’d even be as bold to say that if you plan to be a freelancer or entrepreneur, don’t expect college to give you anything special besides a diploma, lots of opportunity to network, and tons of student loan debt.

2. I turn 23.

Not that turning 23 years old symbolizes something important; it’s just that I realize I’m getting older and that life doesn’t stop or take breaks. Life always has a way of popping up in front of you when you are least prepared. So, next year may include several big decisions that I will have to make concerning my career, where I will live, what I will drive, etc. Though intimidating as it may seem, I think it’s gonna be exciting as hell. Whether I make the best decisions or not, I count my life to be an ongoing adventure – a story that is being told. One that is filled with discovery. So who knows.

3. I’m developing my own career.

Ok. I’ve mentioned this already. I’ve been designing and freelancing now for 2 years. I spent most of the first year just exploring my options and learning from trial-and-error. The second year was more of me learning how to deal with clients, how to manage projects, and how to meet deadlines. I must say, within months of starting, I was able to turn this hobby into a monetized freelancing career. Now, I have more clients than I can handle (not that I don’t want more). So looking ahead into the next year, I plan to organize my clients, focus on my strengths as a freelancer, and develop a process to work through more projects at a faster and more efficient rate. I’ll be charting how much I want to make for the year and mapping out what it will take to live as a full-time freelancer.

Here’s the thing: Getting a nine-to-five job is always an option if push comes to shove. But either way, I’ll be building my personal brand and freelance career on the side. Eventually, this WILL become a full-time thing. My DNA is just not wired to work for somebody, doing something I don’t like for too long. I learned that lesson after working at my first and only job at a Subway restaurant when I was in high school. I hated it! I can’t see how people can live their whole lives like that. Ok, I’m getting off subject here. lol.

I also plan to refine and redefine my services by adding on new services that are unique to me and taking away services that don’t fit my style or passion. I know that consulting, ideation, and marketing are three new services I’ll be delving into, as well as defining in detail what I will be offering in graphic and web design.

So, as you can see, I’m pumped about 2010. Hell. I’m pumped about life in general! I’m blessed. And if you’re reading this post, you’re blessed. Life may be hard for all of us, but it’s our choice on how we view it.

See you in 2010! WHOOT!


  • December 26, 2009

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  • December 26, 2009


    Beautiful article. I, too, have the same excitement about 2010 for 1/3 the of the reasons, but with most of the passion that you have. Let's get excited and stay inspired!!!

  • December 26, 2009

    Antwon Davis

    Hey Chanelle. Thanks for stopping by. Hope your 2010 is filled with adventure, risk, opportunity, and more.

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