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What Are You Passionate About?

Question of the day…

“What are you passionate about?”

  1. I’m passionate about creating a generation of thinkers.
  2. I’m passionate about finding creative ways to add value to the lives of people, businesses, & organizations.
  3. I’m passionate about stirring up the creative thought processes so that people can discover their true DNA in which they can execute against.
  4. I’m passionate about challenging people to be thinkers in every area of their life.



  • May 21, 2009

    J. Nathan Paige

    I'm passionate about a lot of things, because my experiences really opens the door to my passion. However, in this season, I would say that I'm passionate about STRETCHING! I am trying to expand my capacity. There is so much more that is within. However, we will never obtain if, we settle for mediocrity or settle for the "as is." So my passion is for my territory to be enlarged. I somewhat have a "life" discontent, which really pushes me to want what I do not have, and to obtain, what I have not obtained. What I mean about life discontentment is, that I realize that there is more and I am tired of settling for less than what I should have or can obtain...SO THAT BIRTH THE DISCONTENTMENT. Therefore, I"m discontent with what I see, I want what I CAN'T see, but I can THINK AND IMAGINE. STRETCH!

  • May 21, 2009

    Antwon Davis

    Interesting way of putting it.

    A hunger and passion to be stretched.

    Almost reminds me of a woman impregnated with a life that starts out small but grows within her over the course of 9 months until her womb can no longer contain it. Her womb is stretched.

    The DNA of the Remarkable.

    I'm actually thinking about writing a book similar to this idea, but tackling the behavioral patterns and mindsets of people we deem remarkable and what makes them remarkable (if there is even such a thing).

  • May 21, 2009

    J. Nathan Paige

    What makes them! I have a very wealthy friend, and I told him, I didn't want his money I just wanted his thoughts. Because if I can find out what makes him remarkable (DNA), then I can be remarkable too. I think we should hang with and study people who are smarter than we are. Even though the world teaches differently, I have learned to embrace people that intimidate me, because intimidation drives me to learn more AND be greater.

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