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Urban Incubation is a website and experimental project that I developed and launched as a creative solution to raise this next generation. This project began as a personal desire to help me hold my 4 nephews accountable. I have 4 nephews (De’Marcus Allison 16 yrs. old, Demetrice 15 yrs. old, Ontario Jr. 13 yrs. old, and Ntyrance 11 yrs. old). The first phase of the site will be used to highlight the progress and interests of each of my 4 nephews. As the site evolves, it will showcase goals and provide information tailored uniquely for each of them.

The idea behind Urban Incubation stems from the same strategy that business incubators use when helping to launch startup companies. This strategy centers around programs designed to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies. I figured that if companies can do it for other companies, then why can’t individuals do the same for other individuals? We all need time to be incubated and developed for success. I believe this process can be strategic, creative, and well thought out.

The ultimate goal is to use Urban Incubation as a platform to develop youth and young adults for success, modeling the process of business incubators.

Feel free to download the iPad wallpapers below and support me in this adventure.

Download iPad Wallpaper #1 Download iPad Wallpaper #2

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