Awakening Possibility


Here’s one thing I’ve learned as a follower of Christ: The level of intensity that I choose to live my life as a Christian has to be a personal commitment, and not a cultural vote. In today’s culture, being a Christian has become a stigma. If you’re a Christian, you’re under the radar. It’s sad to say, but Christians have been placed under the radar because so many other believers have screwed up the image of Christianity. As a result, we’ve created our own Christian subculture that would rather be cool than Christ-like and relevant than real. We’re trying so hard to avoid the stereotypes. If you’re too intense, you’re a freak. If you’re not intense enough, you’re a fraud. It’s because of this that people avoid their faith in public. It’s better to keep it in Church or at home than risk being labeled.

I designed this wallpaper to remind myself that my decision to live a Christ-centered lifestyle with biblical values will never be embraced by all. And culture may even call me a moron for doing it. Either way, at the end of the day, what is man’s opinion anyway? I choose to live a life that intensely glorifies God because I choose to, not because it’s culturally or religiously correct. Moron or not.

Feel free to download the wallpaper.

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