Awakening Possibility


The world can’t handle you being YOURSELF! So go ahead and BE it anyway!

If you look back over history, many of the remarkable people we read about in our textbooks and novels made the choice to be themselves. They made the choice to bring their gift to the world. They realized that they had something to say. Something to do. Somebody to be. They realized the world needed what they had. The world needed their gift. And they brought it. And we remember them.

People don’t realize you’re a gift until you’re gone. For example,

Jesus Christ
Martin Luther King Jr.
Michael Jackson
Mr. Manhattan from the movie, “Watchmen”

So, my question to you is, “What are YOU waiting for? Not the world I hope.”

Go ahead and BE you. NOW!

Bring it! Bring your creativity. Bring your ideas. Bring your art. Bring YOU!

The world needs what you have to offer whether they ever realize it or not.

Don’t look to be appreciated. Don’t look to be understood. Don’t look to be accepted.

Live from your passion; your ethos. And bring your gift to the world.

We’re waiting!

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