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Sweat Equity Enterprises

Sweat Equity Enterprises, or SEE is an amazing learning program designed to give inner-city youth in New York City hands on exposure in the marketplace. With a competitive application process, teens compete to get accepted in this after-school and weekend program where they are presented with collaborative projects that include designing shoes, apparel, watches, and even cars for real-life companies.

SEE is a project-based youth development learning program that takes place in a professional environment. Participants gain intensive design, technology and entrepreneurship training as they develop original graphic, product, or apparel designs from concept to prototype in partnership with a company partner. Past projects include bags and outerwear for Marc Ecko Enterprises, graphic design for New York Cares and Abada Capoeira, shoes for Skechers, watches for Callanen/Timex, package design for Dr. Miracles Hair Care Products, skateboards for Zoo York, cars for Nissan, and electronics for RadioShack.

SEE has found a cure to the growing divide between the fast growing marketplace and inner-city youth. A cure that I believe will help bridge the gap that has kept creative, talented, and unique youth from getting the proper exposure they need to make their dreams a reality.

With an understanding that today’s educational system is failing to prepare youth with the necessary skills needed to compete in the marketplace in the fields of design, marketing, product development, and more, SEE has partnered with fashion and design leaders such as Marc Ecko to make their program a success.

This is extremely inspirational to me and other young entrepreneurs who come from similar backgrounds as these youth. As more and more programs like these continue to be created with a vision of ensuring that every young person is given the opportunity to follow their passion, I believe we will begin to see an even more competitive and diverse marketplace in the years to come.

For more info, check out SEE here.

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