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Whether it be because of their lack of obvious innovation or their stubbornness to effectively compete with giants like Google and Apple, most of us have implicitly agreed that Microsoft has lost its ‘mojo’. We have all sorta looked over Microsoft and labeled them as irrelevant in today’s technology game. There seems to be little to no need for Microsoft today. Many have converted to Apple and Google for our operating systems, computers, tablets, apps, and smart phones. There seems to be little to no need for Microsoft today. I’m guilty of doing all of the above. lol.

It seems that everyday, new startups are emerging on the scene with an idea on how they can leverage technology in a new and creative way. And yet, one of the pioneers of the tech-age sits silent and asleep. Microsoft has had several setbacks in their efforts to stay relevant. We’ve seen Microsoft fail miserably with products like the Microsoft Zune mp3 Player. We’ve even seen Microsoft fail miserably with OS releases like Windows Vista. You would think that the global leader in software and operating systems would at least get this right. Even some of Microsoft’s most recent products such as Bing and Microsoft Surface have failed to showcase their true potential.

Microsoft has lost its ‘mojo’.

However, I wouldn’t totally put Microsoft in the retirement home just yet. We can’t forget how they have fought to make their claim to modern technology with products such as the Xbox, Microsoft Surface, and Bing; or the major acquisitions they’ve made of companies like Skype; or the major investments they’ve made in new tech companies like Facebook. In their own way, Microsoft have stayed in the race. I would also argue that we may be underestimating what may be Microsoft’s biggest secret yet. And it’s not robotics (although I do think this will change the game once they really bring robotic technology to the markets).

Microsoft’s biggest secret is already on the market. It’s already available in the stores. Many of us plan on buying this Christmas for our kids. We’ve seen it exploited in video games on the Xbox 360. We’ve even seen the commercials of people dancing in front of it, and we’ve already written it off as just a better version of Nintendo’s Wii. As with everything with Microsoft, the success of this big secret is based on how well they can reposition it. It’s not just a new way for users to engage in video games. This thing has the potential to be the new way we engage in everything – how we shop, how we connect, how we surf the web, how we read, how we learn, and how we play. I’m sure you already know what I’m describing. If not…

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