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Battle of the Touch-Screens

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We’ve all heard of the ruckus that the iPhone has sparked in the past year, but we’ve yet to see any true competition with the iPhone. There was a lot of noise about Verizon’s Voyager, but after all of the clouded smoke was cleared, the iPhone stood the test as the PDA, internet- music genius that buyers desired. But we are hearing rumors of other companies that have taken on the challenge of presenting customers with what seems to be next-gen cell phones. One in particular is the new and upcoming Samsung’s 3G Instinct.

The all-new 3G Instinct stands the test with its fully interactive touch-screen interface, a faster internet access (3G), and a GPS navigation system with voice command. Currently, iPhone has yet to upgrade its phone to 3G  (3rd Generation internet access). Instinct débuts with 3G capability and GPS application in its first stage, where as the iPhone is still awaiting these potential upgrades.

Another key aspect that sets Instinct apart from the iPhone is Instinct’s removable battery. The downfall to Apple’s iPhone is that once the battery life expires, the user has to get an entirely new iPhone, where as Samsung’s Instinct can have continual longevity due to the ability to change the battery. In spite of the iPhone’s sucky irremovable battery, it still boasts a better user-friendly web browser compared to Instinct. It also has currently the best MP3 player to date built with in it… Apple’s iPod.

So, we can look forward to the battle of the Touch-Screens as Samsung 3G Instinct and other touch-Screen Phones are unveiled in the months to come.

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