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The iPhone Experience

I am in the process of purchasing an iPhone for my birthday this month – I’m turning the Big “21”. I know, I know; we’ve all read countless blog posts from bloggers who’ve over-exaggerated the iPhone-purchasing experience. Really, it’s not that big of a deal. But for me, it is. This will be my second purchase of an Apple product and my first big purchase (possibly one of few) this year. I actually purchased an iPod Mini a few years back, and it finally stalled on me last month; plus my phone plan with Verizon ends in May and my Razr cell phone is literally on death row (lol).

So this is how it all played out. I was actually visiting an Apple store this week to price a new iPod. I wasn’t – by any means – planning on even looking at the iPhone because I was convinced that I was going to buy a nice iPod Video for my birthday and a Blackberry when my phone plan expires in May. But something drew me over to the iPhone booth, I don’t know what it was – maybe it was some spiritual intervention or maybe it was just my carnal instinct to tamper with what I know my deceiving heart desired (I don’t know). But as I began to probe the iPhone, I experienced a new-found joy in technology that I haven’t encountered since I was a kid. I immediately saw the convenience and efficiency of having an iPhone (iPod + Cell Phone). It made sense… instead of buying a $249 iPod Video 60GB and a $300 Blackberry like an idiot, I’d save myself and my pocket a lot of trouble to just get an iPhone.

Now listen, I know you’re thinking that I’m some spoiled little brat, but hear me out. I am not one of those compulsive spenders who stand at the door of Best Buy the night before a game system comes out. Honestly, I rarely ever make a purchase this big, but I saw where this would be a pretty rational decision for me. So, there you have it; I am getting the iPhone. It’s a big move for me and can’t deny that I am a little excited, being that I’m a college student and all – and you know how hard it is to survive college. So within a few weeks, I’ll have the iPhone and at least that portion of my pointless life will be solved (lol).

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