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Life Apps

I’m a big fan of mobile apps. I literally download and try out new apps almost every day. It’s almost a private addiction. lol. I’m just so curious. Curious to see what all I can learn. Curious to see what productivity apps will make my life a little easier or what game apps will make my day a little funner. And I’m always looking to see what the top free apps of the day are. Hoping I can find one that would be worth my time to download and try out.

This tech addiction has seemed to find its way in the Church, but in a different and better way. Andy Stanley and Jeff Hinderson – two pastors at North Point Community Church in Atlanta, GA – have launched a new and interesting message series called “Life Apps”. In my opinion, Andy is one of the best communicators of our day, both as a pastor and as a leader. “Life Apps” addresses specific life applications that are centered around this simple idea that “Application makes all the difference”.

In other words, it is what we do with what we know that makes the difference.

And just like the Apple App Store, there are limitless Life Apps that are available for all of us to download. Whether it’s under the category of time-management, finances, health, fitness, marriage, or prayer, there are endless apps that we need for our lives. Can you imagine how different life would be for many of us if we actually lived by this truth – that Application Makes All The Difference? Well, I’m convinced. Not perfect, but convinced.

So, as I usually do, I’m taking on this series and really looking at my life as a series of Apps. I know that sounds weird, but what if we looked at life through a series of specific apps that we can identify, download, and apply to our lives? What if we organized and prioritized the most important apps in our lives the same way we do on our smartphones? What if we make use of the apps in our lives just as much as we do the apps on our phones? So this is my challenge. Hopefully, I’ll stick to it. I challenge you to join me.

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