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iPhone 3G | Coming Soon…

Maybe you haven’t heard, but Steve Jobs just recently announced the all new iPhone 3G. Why the need for a new iPhone? Well, currently, the Blackberry is the nation’s leading cell phone for business people, and Apple – with its monopolistic approach to the cell phone industry – seeks to gain a stronger market in the business world. The new features are designed to accommodate the average businessman and businesswoman. Rumors have been lurking around for months with bloggers posting and commenting about what may be the future of the iPhone. Well, now those rumors can be laid to rest as Steve revealed some of the new features of the iPhone.

Set to launch on July 11th, the iPhone 3G comes heavily loaded with an improved wireless technology, GPS mapping, and more…

First, the 3G upgrade:

If you aren’t already an iPhone user, you may not be familiar with the long-waited anticipation of the 3G feature of the iPhone. When the iPhone was originally launched, one of its highlighted weaknesses was its rather “slow” internet technology. Its 2G Edge wireless network was a little behind-schedule compared to several other smart phones that were premiering with 3G technology already built in it. But now, we can bask in the glory of having 3G on the iPhone. What does this mean for iPhone users? It means faster access to the Internet and email over cellular networks around the world; it means faster downloads; it means less lag-time while watching videos and movies.

Second, the GPS upgrade:

No longer do you have to pay that extra $200-$300 to get a great GPS system in your car; it’s now in your phone. iPhone’s GPS feature lets you see traffic in real-time, find your current location in real-time, get clear and accurate directions, transition from map view to satellite view, and more. Considered to be “the best mobile map application ever”, the GPS Mapping feature in the iPhone promises to deliver for our traveling audience.

Third, the Language upgrade:

You no longer have to settle for English anymore. The new iPhone 3G offers language support for English, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, and Polish. Talk about diversifying (lol).

Fourth, the Application Store upgrade:

This is actually my favorite upgrade feature. I gave up hope searching on safari for applications on my iPhone. The web page with all of the applications seemed cumbersome and finding one that I liked seemed to take forever. But no more, no more! Now the applications can be “downloaded” from the Apple website and saved on the home screen of your iPhone. With hundreds of applications to choose from, and hundreds more being created, even the strangest taste in games and applications is guaranteed to be satisfied… or you can design your own application if you like.

And Finally, here’s what makes all of this so intriguing…

The iPhone 3G starts at only $199!

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