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I’m Officially Google’d

Today marks a big day. I did a google search of my name. Now, before I go into all of this, let me first make this disclaimer… “I am not just trying get up in ranks on Google.” Ok, got that out of the way.


I have google’d my name since I was a child, and the closest I would see my name was usually around page number 30 if not at all. I practically didn’t exist in the webosphere then. Over the last year, I’ve been doing a lot of ground work to develop a solid presence in the web because I do believe that God has given us all something unique to offer, and I think my niche delves into primarily 3 things… “Technology, Church, & Culture”. I’m sure you are very much aware that these three things are among the most relevant and talked about topics on the web. So to not have a voice would be somewhat detrimental for me.

It wasn’t until 2 weeks ago that I finally decided to not only own some space in the websphere through social media and blogging, but to own my name in the websphere as well. So I headed on over to and scooped up my name .com, and got it synced to my blog. I’ve been connecting all of my social networks to this focal point and it has definitely paid off.

The main point here is that I google’d my name today, and ANTWONDAVIS.COM is the first result. That’s a pretty big deal! I’ve carved out space in the websphere and Google has taken notice. I’m glad that it isn’t some weird site or some social network that I’m apart of that is first. Instead, it’s something I’ve taken my time to develop, and that’s this awesome blog that you are reading. Thanks for stopping by my neck-of-the-woods every now-and-then and checking me out. You’ve helped me carve out space.

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  • December 11, 2008Reply

    Hajj E. Flemings

    Great news, but it's only the beginning. I expect to see you become one of the most influential voices of your generation. Continue to make content that matters and change people one key stroke at a time.


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