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I’ve met quite a few unique people since I’ve been blogging. I thought I’d take the time to acknowledge some of them. Some of these people are influential leaders, bloggers, writers, pastors, authors, designers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and catalysts of our time. It has been an honor to call some of these people friends. So let’s get the list rollin’…

1. Vincent Hunt: Met him about 8 years ago. Became my mentor and has since inspired a lot of what I do today. He’s one of those guys you’d like to be around just to feed off of his energy.

2. Bishop J. Nathan Paige: Met him about 12 years ago or more. He used to pick me up everyday from high school. He pastors a church in Albany, GA. He has a genuine heart for God’s people and he heads on of the hottest Gospel Choirs I know.

3. Daniel Gilland: Met him about 5 months ago at an interest meeting at Georgia State University. He has a passion for engaging college students in the city. He’s a big dreamer and blogger.

4. Milan Ford: Met him about 3 years ago at New Birth. He was the college director of the Outlet College Ministry. He now attends North Point and is about to publish his first book. This guy is a beast when it comes to wisdom and insight on ministry.

5. Hajj Flemmings: Met him through Vincent about 3 months ago. He’s one of those unique entrepreneurs. He focuses on developing personal brands.

6. Jesse Phillips: Met him about 4 months ago on Facebook. He’s the brains behind the Catalyst website. He’s deeply passionate about Jesus and engaging the culture. Another young visionary and blogger.

7. Talia: Met her about 2 months ago through Vincent. She has a vision to impact this Hip Hop Generation through a project known as Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc.

8. Shannon Thomas: Met her about 1 ½ months ago through Vincent. She has a unique vision for engaging and impacting college campuses with the message of Jesus Christ in a relevant and authentic way. She’s the author of an upcoming book, “Taking the Yard”.

9. Shaun King: Met him about 1 ½ months ago through Facebook. This guy is such a fireball of energy and passion. He’s in the process of planting an awesome church in downtown Atlanta known as the Courageous Church. We both attended Buckhead Church and share a lot of common views on ministry.

10. Scott Williams: Met him about 1 month ago through Jerry Hurley of He’s one of the campus pastors at and is a phenomenal leader.

11. Bishop Victor L. Powell: Met him about 2 months ago through Vincent Hunt. He pastors a church in Albany, GA. He’s a visionary and a catalyst who’s challenging people to ThinkBig.

12. Sterling Brown: Met him through my blog about 4 days ago. He is the pastor of Resolution Church – which is the same church Daniel Gilland attends and serves (small world, huh?).

…It’s been an awesome experience. God is definitely pouring out dreams and visions all over the place, and I’m just lucky to be apart.


  • August 8, 2008Reply

    Milan Ford

    Thanks Antwon. Honored to be in such great company.

  • October 12, 2008Reply


    Hey how did I get on this awesome list??? Thanks for the honor. Had a great time with you & Ant at Catalyst. Look forward to seeing what God does in your life!

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