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Google is taking over the world! We should all be afraid! lol.

As funny as it may sound, some of it is true. Starting as a simple search engine, Google has transformed into an empire with market-share in industries from mobile phones, web searching, maps, email, and now a global broadband.

Just recently, Google has launched a new experiment called “Google Fiber”.

We’re all familiar with high-speed internet , Broadband, 3G and 4G internet speed, etc. And most of us would consider most of these to be pretty fast.

Google begs to differ.

Google Fiber, which will be released in beta mode in hand-picked communities around the US, will offer internet speeds 100 times faster than the average internet connection. That’s about 1 gigabit per second to be exact. Can you fathom how fast that is? I’m literally trying to imagine what 1 gigabit per second would look and feel like. Honestly, I consider our current high-speed internet to be pretty fast. I think this is just a glimpse into where we’re heading. With the release of the iPad – which is merely a precursor to the future of mobile computing – and new broadband networks such as Google Fiber, who knows how and where we will be computing in the next few years.

What’s most interesting is that cities around the US have gone to their wits-end in effort to be chosen as one of Google’s selected cities for their new ultra-speed broadband network experiment. Cities have done everything from hosting festivals and parades, to naming their cities “Google” for a day, to live orchestra performances (you can find that video here). On April Fool’s Day, Google even renamed its search engine “Topeka” after one of the rallying cities as an April Fool’s joke.

Beyond just providing another alternative for the average internet user seeking faster and more reliable internet connections, this ultra-speed broadband network may prove to be the missing key ingredient to the future success of how businesses, hospitals, and governments across the world will operate.

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