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Go All Out!!!

I gotta ask this question because it’s been on my mind…

Are You Going All Out?

Now I’m not talking from a naive standpoint… I’ve done my research (or at least some research). What I’m finding is that for many churches, the idea of church for them is this mundane attending of church service on Sunday, listening to another message about some story in the Bible, and singing in the choir or something. It’s like we’ve lost the fire to be excited about the Gospel. Now I know that’s not every church’s style or whatever, but I’m saying… regardless, are YOU going all out?! I mean as far as everything… evangelism, messages, designs, websites, outreach, making a difference, engaging the youth, etc.?

Think about this…

What new and exciting thing is happening at your church? What is God challenging you with that is something you’ve never done before? Name at least two people in your church that are creating a buzz or conversation around the sermons/messages being preached/taught?

If you’re speechless… you’re probably NOT Going All Out?

I ran across this video by that stirred something up in me. They made a video about their upcoming “At the Movies” message series that rocked my world!

Note: If you aren’t familiar with, you are definitely missing out!

The video is a walk-through tour of one of the environments that they made at one of the church campuses. They revamped the entire church facility using the “Indiana Jones” theme. What I find most intriguing is that they’re doing all of this in the middle of the Summer! I don’t know if you understand, but the Summer is the time of year where, statistically, church attendance and tithing drops… drastically. That shows that their goal isn’t just to attract people, but to have fun! FUN!!! One thing I admire about these guys is that they aren’t afraid to put their money where their mouth is. Like Craig Groeschel said, they’re definitely willing to do anything short of sin to reach the lost. They don’t mind going all out for the Gospel… I mean ALL OUT!!!

And I love it!

So, I hope this video stirs up the creativity in you or in your ministry. Go All Out!!!


  • July 20, 2008Reply

    Proverbs 31

    Coming from a traditional church background, I can say that in the past I have been guilty of the train track following meaning that I just followed whatever happened in my church. I never questioned it or stepped outside of the box, but getting a chance to look at some followers of Christ go all out for Him at whatever cost, leaving all of the traditional religion behind, I have been inspired to do the same. I appreciate this post. I think it is needed.

  • July 20, 2008Reply

    Antwon Davis

    Proverbs 31,

    I can definitely relate.

    I think those years of growing up teaches you a lot, but when you are able to step out of a familiar environment, you discover that a lot of what you are raised in isn't really YOU. This gives you the platform to discover and to get your questions answered, and - in the process - you find out who YOU are.

    That's what's so amazing.

    Honestly, people are so mentally sheltered and lack the drive to think for themselves. We allow the man behind the pulpit to think for us, and we become puppets to his perspective. We aren't challenged to study the Word for ourselves or seek God for answers to our unanswered questions.

    So it's always good to see people who crack the egg and start the journey of discovery and pursuit of truth. Plus, God promised that He would reveal Himself to those that seek Him diligently with their whole heart [Jeremiah 29:13].

    Thanks for the comment. :-)

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