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Ok, it’s like 3 o’clock in the morning and I’m up watching’s latest message video on my podcast, and I cannot deny that this message is getting me fired up. I know that God has given me – as a young guy in the Faith – a burden to take His message and fame to the places where mainstream Christianity never reaches. As I was watching Chris Spradlin as he delivered the message, “Unstoppable Vision”, I couldn’t help but realize that embodies the hunger, thirst and desire that is spreading throughout the Body of Christ today. Pastors like Craig Groeschel and Perry Noble have literally “lost their minds” to the point where they have taken on the mind of Christ and they are willing to stop at nothing to see lives impacted and changed by Jesus Christ.


I’m fired up! I wanna serve! I wanna join this awesome move of God! And I’m gonna! There is no greater time to be alive and fired up for God than now. The Lord has given me such a burden for young adults and teens – especially minorities – who may never step into the doors of a church like North Point Community Church or I keep asking God, “Lord, how can I be a tool for You to ignite this generation of lost teens and young adults?” There’s nothing else in this world that I desire more than this. I’m convinced that there’s nothing greater than seeing lives impacted and changed by Jesus Christ, and as a 21 year old… that’s what I now live for. That’s why I exist – to be apart of those Next Generation Leaders who have found themselves inside of God’s toolbox.

Honestly, I feel like I’m stuck in this mode of excitement and anticipation – and it is killing me. I feel like Jeremiah with this consuming fire that’s shut up in my bones and is longing to get out and set this generation ablaze! I’ve been restless since April of 2007 – reading books, blogs, the Bible, initiating conversations, visiting churches like North Point Community Church. One of my visions for this year is already manifesting itself. This vision of seeing college campuses infected with the blood of Christ has me amped. Networking with other students to take the Gospel in new, creative and innovative ways to my college campus, Georgia State University, and other college campuses in metro-Atlanta this Spring semester is one of my missions for 2008.

Dude, I’m sold out! I’ve found my greatest love in the Lord and I have devoted my life to helping others find Him as well. I’m UNSTOPPABLE!

I just had to get that off my chest… now I can go to sleep. :-)


  • January 5, 2008


    Hey Antwon! I really appreciate the encouraging comment you left on my blog! I really enjoy what you are writing on your blog…especially this! It is truly amazing to be in the midst of such a crazy & powerful move where God is using renegades like Groeschel, Stanley, Noble, and even You and I!! Man, I am so honored that He would use a people like us to turn up the volume like this!! Bless Yah Bro!!!

    Btw) Keep on checking up on Project:Truth! U are the man!!!

  • January 5, 2008


    Keep the fire burning!!

  • January 6, 2008

    Scott Williams

    You have to check out this weeks message; it was bold and absolutely off the hook. Man it was good!

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