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The Thoughts of Catalysts

I am a catalyst-fanatic. I love to study great minds, Christian thinkers, and leaders of the Church. The insight and wisdom is remarkable. As Seth Godin would say, here are a bunch of “purple cows”…

“To reach people no one else is reaching, we must do things no one else is doing.” –Craig Groeschel

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” –Ghandi

“Discover Who You Are, Become It, and Decide to Become Definitive.” –Vincent Hunt

“Dare I suggest that what the 21st Century Church needs is more daring people with daring plans? We need people who are more afraid of missing opportunities than making mistakes. People who are more afraid of lifelong regrets than temporary failure.” –Mark Batterson

“Whatever you do, DON’T play it safe. Don’t always do things the way they have always been done.” –Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks

“Leadership is stewardship; it’s temporary, and you’re accountable.” –Andy Stanley

“Jesus didn’t die on the cross to keep us safe. Jesus died to make us dangerous!” –Mark Batterson

“A career is what you’re PAID for. A calling is what you’re MADE for.” –Jack Graham

“…be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” –Apostle Paul [Romans 12:2]

“The will of God is not an insurance plan. The will of God is a daring plan!” –Mark Batterson

“It takes catalytic events to shake up complacency and contentment.” –Brenda Salter McNeil

“We are God’s best kept secret. He wants to change the world and He wants to do it through us. To hell with the status-quo!” –Brenda Salter McNeil

“An act of contagious compassion has the magnitude to spark a revolution.” -Tim Sanders

“Start a ripple and it will become a wave that will one-day become a tsunami. Others are bound to get wet.” -Tim Sanders

“Every act of culture-creation begins with a small group of people – a tribe. What are you creating? Who is in your creative group? What are you all cultivating?” –Andy Crouch

“There are two types of people… Those who choose to make a living, and those who choose to make a difference… Which one are you?” -Antwon Davis

“We ride furiously; everything we do, we do it in violence honey! Our dance is louder, our shout is louder, our praise is louder, our love is louder!” –Juanita Bynum

“If not you, then who? If not now, then when?” -Tim Sanders

“Together – we will fix this world.” -Tim Sanders

“In order to accomplish God-sized vision, it takes God-sized risks.” –Perry Noble

“No one is seeking a safe leader. You have to do something people will criticize.” –Seth Godin

“Use your platform to impact people, not impress them.” –Steve Furtick

“A ME-centered gospel produces apathy.” -Antwon Davis

“ReThink | ReDefine | ReInvent… A Paradigm of Life.” –Vincent Hunt


  • December 11, 2008Reply

    Hajj E. Flemings

    I like this blog post the thoughts are extremely powerful, but what is most impactful is the ability of the individuals to bring them into the realm of reality.

  • December 21, 2008Reply

    Ben komanapalli

    BAM! BAM! BAM!! one after the other!!

    I just love it!!

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