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Craig Groeschel did a few posts on Teams and I promise you, it totally rocked my life-structure (lol).

Here’s a snippet of that awesome post…

I don’t like committees. Big groups of people rarely make the best decisions and often slow things down.

When I talk about leading as a team, I am NOT talking about ministry by committees.

On any good team, there is a head coach. Someone must be in charge. But if the coach is wise, he’ll build a team of coaches.

In any ministry, I suggest the following:

  • One leader who is ultimately responsible for the direction of the ministry.
  • Three to seven people who become some sort of a leadership team. (Two is not enough. Three drastically improves the dynamics. More than seven becomes bulky. For some reason, I like odd numbers.) This could be an advisory team, executive team, leadership team, directional team, or whatever suits your purposes.
  • When possible, the people on the team should be a diversified group.
  • Each person has an equal voice—but the leader reserves the right to make the final call. (On our team, it has been years since I have overridden the wisdom of the team. I still reserve the right at any time to make the hard call.)

How does this relate to your organization? How can this insight better develop the type of team-culture need to take your organization to the next level?

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