Awakening Possibility


This Kid is Motivation

Just ran past this video of this kid who has learned to speak more than 10 languages in effort to make himself more marketable in his business of selling feathered peacock fans. He serves as a testament to the many entrepreneurs around the globe that are leveraging every platform and resource possible to either pursue what they love or just to put food on the table.

Madly impressed!

Talk about motivation. To see this kid’s determination to make his potential a reality is rather inspiring. I don’t know his financial or economical circumstances, but I am inspired by his drive. I mean, how many of us are willing to learn any secondary language – yet alone TEN?

Quote: If you’ll do now what most people won’t, you’ll be able to do – for the rest of your life – what most people can’t.

…and most people can’t speak 10 languages.

Watch. Be inspired. Be motived.

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