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Land of a Thousand Hills

I’m sitting in one of only two coffee shops owned by the company and organization,

Land of a Thousand Hills.

I’ve been a huge fan of this organization for a while and I didn’t know that their only two coffee shops are located right here in Atlanta GA.

I’ve seen them at some of the conferences that I’ve attended recently (ie. The Catalyst Conference and The Orange Conference).

I plan on finding a few creative ways that I can support their organization. Got a few ideas brewing (lol).

What organizations or causes have you discovered within the last 6 months that you want to support and how can you support them?

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  • June 28, 2009Reply

    Taleda Crafter

    I think it is great how you help to support organizations. I know you really have a heart to help others live up to their fullest potential, but I have noticed that you also do your part in helping organizations reach their full potential. You are a great asset to people, companies, organizations, and of course, me. Thanks for all that you do!

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