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Jesus For President

Buckhead Church is launching an awesome series starting July 13, 2008 entitled “Letters to the Next President”. Andy Stanley will be heading up this series as he addresses the topic of the presidency and how it relates to the Church. In an effort to create a buzz for the series, they created a pretty neat website to go along with it. Check it out.

Here’s my letter to the president (if I could write one)…

Dear Next President,

I would first like to say that my words may go overlooked and my voice may go unnoticed, but I represent many people today whose voices are never heard at all. Today, I speak for them…

The presidency has lost immense respect not only from our nation, but from the world at large. This position of power and authority has been polluted, exploited, and corrupted through years of scandals, fraud, greed, injustice, and lies that have hid truth that we may never know. Today, voting has even lost its significance within our nation. As America grows as a capitalistic society, there is a decreasing desire to elect candidates that stand for moral principles, and an increasing desire to elect candidates who can promise us more money, better benefits, and higher security to protect our lavish way of living.

Mere selfishness!

I wonder are we as Christians more concerned with higher tax cuts, lower interest rates, and how much income the President can promise us that we can keep, or are we concerned with the issues of this nation that is pulling us further away from God? Why do we as Christians vote? Is our political view democratic, liberal, republican… or God? If Jesus ran for president, would we vote for Him?

Think about it.

My letter to you, Mr. President, is one that knows that it may never get read or seen by your eyes. It knows that your agenda is far more important to you than its mere words. My letter to you, Mr. President, is that of a challenge: A challenge to reThink what it means to “be” the president of the United States; to have the opportunity to leave a legacy – to change the world – to “be” the difference. This nation longs to see the day that we can witness a president filled with such conviction and compassion for people that resembles the very heart of Jesus Christ.

Will you be that interruption in time? Will you be the president that this nation and world will remember years and decades from now – as the one who chose to “be” the difference instead of merely “making” a difference?

If not, I vote Jesus for President.

Thank you,

Antwon Davis


  • June 29, 2008Reply

    Antwon Davis

    I know this is my blog, but I just had to leave a comment. This post is rather a passionate one for me. I usually choose not to delve into politics for the most part, but I couldn't resist the chance to share my mind.

    Great post!

    T H I N K | C H A N G E

  • May 15, 2011Reply


    Great post Antwon. Thanks for your courage to share something that challenges the status quo and that nails the root of the issues of our society today.

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