Awakening Possibility


My Role: Lead Developer, Designer, Strategy

HYPE Student Ministry is an active ministry under Victorious Life Church in Albany, GA. The student ministry consists of about 15 teenagers and 30+ pre-teens. The current state of the ministry focuses on a weekly Sunday school and a monthly Sunday youth service.

I was given the unique opportunity to assist in totally rethinking and redesigning the student ministry for 2011. This overhaul includes a complete redesign of the logo, development of the website and social network accounts, creation of an entirely new Sunday morning environment that will be used in-place of Sunday School, leveraging other technology such as text messaging, establishing a set of goals/wins for the ministry, planning strategic events and gatherings, and a list of other strategies and changes.

The official launch date was set for April 2011 and continued until October 2011. October served as a milestone where we we were able to measure and analyze the previous 6 months. From our data, we were able to see an increase in student attendance, engagement, and overall enthusiasm.


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