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HopeATL: Bringing Hope to Atlanta’s Flood Victims

Atlanta flood victims are in need of our help!

After the devastating flood that hit certain portions of Atlanta about 3 weeks ago, thousands – THOUSANDS – of hard working families are without homes, clothes, cars and a since of hope. They need our help!

With just around 10% of flood victims having flood insurance, Atlanta runs the real risk of having a major homeless crisis with these folk if we don’t help them and give them hope…right away!

Hope ATL is an initiative that was launched shortly after the flood to answer the call. Volunteers from around the country are donating their time, their money, their resources, and their prayers to make sure that Atlanta doesn’t become another Katrina.

Sad to say, many organizations, businesses, and churches have pulled out.

The Atlanta govt has now sent out a report saying that all homes must be cleaned out by Saturday – though they have provided no further assistance to guarantee that this will happen. These families are being forced to deal with one of Atlanta’s biggest disasters… ALONE.

They need YOUR help. They need OUR help!

For more info… visit HopeATL.

Let’s bring these families HOPE!

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