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Become Definitive

Definitive [n.]: something that is fully differentiated or developed; complete; a final example or version of its type.

We as bloggers, thinkers, teachers, students, mothers, fathers, doctors, designers, pastors, leaders and artists define ourselves by our occupation. In most cases, if you ask a person who they, the first thing they tell you is their occupation (ie. “I’m a doctor.” or “I’m a designer.”). But is that truly you? Is that really who YOU are?

The idea of becoming definitive is not about being better than someone else or making yourself look unique or different. Becoming definitive is a discovery. It’s a coming-to-grips with who you really are and what you’re really made of. Many of us limit ourselves to terms and vocabulary that have already been carved out. Terms like ‘doctor’, ‘lawyer’, ‘engineer’, etc. Yet when we dive into our true colors, we find that these terms often times limit us.

Becoming definitive means simply this: Becoming Maximum YOU.

It’s about understanding that who you are is unique all-in-itself. It’s about understanding that the space God has carved out for you to occupy is designed and fit just for you. It’s about understanding that when we begin to occupy the space that is truly us, we are liberated to move beyond the simple titles of doctor, student, teacher and artist. We are forced to remove the limitations and are inspired to dream.

So my question to you is “Who are you… REALLY?” If you are an artist, then what makes you unique? What makes you YOU? What makes you definitive? What most of us will find is that the terms that we have defined ourselves by for so long now lack the ability to define who we really are. Some may even find that the words that they are looking for to describe who they are and what they do doesn’t exist. And you know what that means? That means that you have just created space to become definitive; space to carve out your uniqueness in the pavement of life; space to BE who you be.

So go and be it. What are you waiting for?



  • May 2, 2008Reply

    Daniel Gilland

    Awesome post. Enjoyed the conversation last night. Time to become definitive!

  • May 2, 2008Reply


    the thing is, i can never truly allow myself to become definitive as i am always looking to grow. even when i feel i have reached a point where i fill content and complete, i am looking for something new to accomplish. at the same time i dont look to have my accomplishments completely define me. does that make any sense or is that word vomit? hahah! great blog though!

  • May 2, 2008Reply

    Antwon J. Davis

    Melody, I definitely understand where you're coming from. Becoming definitive is not so much as locking yourself into a grid or into a title, but rather freeing yourself to dream and fully understand who you are. It a life journey; an adventure of discovery. What I believe is that so many people have settled with the common terms that they have defined themselves by for so long.

    But we all have to start somewhere. And I see the concept of becoming definitive as the same as you see constant growth and development. It's not so much as locking yourself to definitions, but rather getting a clearer understanding of what you're all about SO that you can grow.

    We're all born to make some sort of difference; to bring about some sort of change; to improve life and to impact lives. Becoming definitive helps us to understand the space God has carved out for us to occupy; it helps us to gage and see clearly where we are called to make a difference, bring about change and impact lives.

  • May 3, 2008Reply


    Love what's happening here.

    Becoming definitive is just that, a "mind set" a way of being, and inorder to become definitive you have to clearly understand who you are, and what you stand for. I often use myself as an example when talking about this, because I am one to believe that because my Father is limitless I am too limitless - so in that titles can always be adopted and reinvented but should never 'lock' up our true destiny... For instance

    I am deeply creative, I am an evangelist for change, I believe in financial independence, I love discovering the core of people and helping them tell their story exposing their authentic value proposition, THESE are a few things about me, and there is no title that encompasses that, and rightfully so. I created a title just so that people have a starting point to my depth.

    Becoming Definitive is a conscious decision that says: "This is who I am and I am willing to maximize who I am for the betterment of the collective whole." "My contribution is meaningful, relevant, and indeed life changing."

    To get to this point though... It is imperative that you understand who you are, what your unique value proposition is, and be willing to be different if you are called to be.

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