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Are You Niched?

I was reading a blog by a very inspiring and influential catalyst that has been a mentor both directly and indirectly in my life. He blogged on the topic of “What is your niche?” Check it out. But continuing on, my question is a little different… I want to know “Are You Niched”? Meaning, have you found your place, your groove, your spot in the world? First off, what is a niche? Well, a niche is a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted. It’s where you are operating at your best and greatest potential.

What I’ve noticed in my own personal research is that more and more people are moving away from the “American Dream” model of success and life, and are flocking to conferences, books, blogs and websites seeking for true purpose and fulfillment in life. I believe that’s why books like “The Purpose Driven Life”, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, and “Your Best Life Now” have become national best sellers. Why? Because people are not satisfied with status-quo life or the 9 to 5 life. Buzz words like “Purpose”, “Passions”, “Destiny”, “Dream” and others are stirring up the complacent-minded and challenging them to go beyond the safe zone of job security and the American Dream.

The American-Dream Concept, “which says that success = going to school, going to college, and working your butt off to one day get that job as a CEO making a 6-figure income that is taxed out of the frame” is definitely fading fast. So many people are pursuing this American Dream that the workplace has become packed with bland simple-minded left-brain people with no passion, creativity or clue of who they are and what they are called to be and do. What ends up happening is that you have everybody zigging, but nobody who “Zags” (Check out the book, ZAG).

Who are you? Why are you here and where do you fit? What are you here to be and what are you hear to solve and accomplish. Are you hear to make a living, or are you hear to make a difference?

Are You Niched?



  • April 15, 2008Reply


    Wow!! How well said was that!! On the mark!

    All over the world we are starting to see a conscious shift towards people really becoming hungry to not only fulfill their financial goals but they are also looking to emotionally connect with what they are doing. The start realization that many of them come to is that what they are doing for a pay-check has nothing to do with their individual design. You have Writers pursuing careers at factories, you have Craftsmen sitting in cubicles, and Artist holding executive roles that have NOTHING to do with creativity. Brand wise they are being diluted by a pursuit of economic position - until that day they realize they have mastered themselves so from from their own core brand that the feeling of being lost starts to be too much to bear.

    Your insight here is so critical and was much needed!

  • April 23, 2008Reply

    Milan Ford

    Good post.

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