Over the past 10 years, Antwon has coached more than 100 clients & consulted more than 25 organizations & companies around the United States on branding, marketing & design. As a Brand Marketing Adviser, Antwon is known to achieve the desired results. He does this by running what he calls “Sprints” – a strategy that focuses on solving specific problems for clients through a series of time-sensitive projects.

His Sprinting technique has helped him build brands, create business models, and develop marketing and advertising campaigns for various clients around the country. His years of experience and core competencies have helped him become a valuable asset to the marketplace. His ability to provide both insight and solutions to today’s business problems have helped many of his clients build better businesses and stronger brands.

“Antwon hears the heartbeat of the organization and designs to the highest standard. An extremely timely and efficient professional! His work is evident in his tireless efforts of excellence! I strongly recommend Antwon Davis for your next project.” -Dewitt Robinson | Educator & Blogger

Here are the problems Antwon is best equipped to solve:

1. I am launching a new venture.
2. I need to scale my business.
3. I need a new website.
4. I am considering a new idea.
5. I need an online marketing gameplan.
6. I am launching a tech startup.
7. I am need social media management.
8. I want to brand myself.
9. I want to create my 100 Life Goals.

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